A Message from Our District Attorney

As District Attorney, the principle by which I will run this office is to make decisions based on the merits, based on the facts, based on hard work and the results of that hard work. That’s the American way, the American Dream. We are blessed to live where we live. This is a great community. This is a great place to raise a family. This is a great place to start a business. This a great place to seek and follow the American Dream. And the reason that these things are true is, the people who live here. That’s what makes this a great community.

Mission Statement

The Office of District Attorney of the 22nd Judicial District is dedicated to the pursuit of truth and justice, protecting the public and serving our community through the ethical prosecution of criminal offenses and civil matters while safeguarding the rights of all citizens, including the accused.


▪ To help improve the quality of life for all residents of Washington and St. Tammany Parishes

▪ Create and maintain open communication to promote the best interests of the community, ensuring that the public is kept informed of the work we are doing

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In recognition of Domestic Violence month (October) click here to hear our domestic violence team talk about their work.

In Partnership with Bogalusa City Schools, our Office is recruiting mentors for the 2018-2019 school year. If you live in the Bogalusa area and want to make an impact on young lives through the Teach One to Lead One Program please read more about this Program and register here:


  • Pearl River Man Gets 40 Years in Prison For Fatal Stabbing in Slidell

    Pearl River Man Gets 40 Years in Prison For Fatal Stabbing in Slidell

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Dec. 6, 2018 COVINGTON—District Attorney Warren Montgomery announces that Joseph Adam Thibodeaux, 26, of Pearl River, pleaded guilty Wednesday (Dec. 5) to manslaughter and domestic violence aggravated assault for stabbing to death his former girlfriend’s uncle.  District Judge Scott Gardner sentenced Thibodeaux to 40 years in prison on the manslaughter charge and …
  • Three Men Plead Guilty And Get Jail Time In 2017 Mt. Hermon Shootings 

    Three Men Plead Guilty And Get Jail Time In 2017 Mt. Hermon Shootings 

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Dec. 5, 2017 FRANKLINTON—District Attorney Warren Montgomery announced Wednesday (Dec 5) that three men involved in a shooting spree that damaged homes and property in the Mount Hermon area in April 2017 have pleaded guilty to nine counts of illegal use of weapons, two counts of simple criminal damage to property, nine …
  • Breakfast with the Rotary Club of Northshore in Slidell

    Breakfast with the Rotary Club of Northshore in Slidell

      District Attorney Warren Montgomery enjoyed sharing the accomplishments of his administration today during a breakfast meeting of the Rotary Club of Northshore in Slidell.

Accomplishments Since January 2015

If you will read the initial goals I set out to achieve on the left side of this page, you’ll find that I, along with my fantastic staff, have accomplished many of those goals:

  1. Created more transparent office
  2. Hired top-notch staff (55% of ADAs and 50% of investigators new)
  3. Created Screening Department
  4. Improved Domestic Violence Unit
  5. Enhanced use of Specialty Courts and helped create new Veterans Court
  6. Upgraded technology office-wide
  7. Created employee manual
  8. Stabilized budget
  9. Created Financial Assistance Program for indigent defendants to participate in Diversion Program
  10. Work more closely with Law enforcement agencies

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