Family Preservation Court


The 22nd JDC Family Preservation Court began in March 2013. Family Preservation Court is an alternative to regular dependency court and is designed to improve the safety and well-being of children in the dependency system by providing parents access to drug and alcohol treatment, judicial monitoring of their sobriety and individualized services to support the entire family. The FPC has established several community collaborations and relies almost solely on referrals from the Department of Children and Family Services.

Through this collaborative, non-adversarial approach, the Family Preservation Court integrates substance abuse treatment and increased accountability into the process by utilizing the 10 key components of the Drug Court model. The goal is to give parents quicker access to treatment, the ability to stay in treatment longer and more access to treatment as needed. With the intense intervention the FPC provides, the judge and DCFS are able to make quicker and more informed decisions on the client’s ability to parent.

Judge and Schedule

St. Tammany Parish

Judge Burris—Wednesday mornings

7:30 pre-status conferences in chambers

8:30 status conferences in court