Specialty Courts


The Specialty Courts of the 22nd Judicial District Court are funded through the LA Supreme Court, Louisiana Highway Safety Commission as well as federal grants through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and The Bureau of Justice Assistance. 

The programs are run by the judges presiding over each division of the specialty courts.  Unlike many other jurisdictions across the country, our presiding judges receive referrals from all the other judges of the 22nd JDC, therefore all of the judges are very supportive and vested in these programs. 

The programs are less expensive and much more effective than the traditional correction and supervision protocols.  It cost Louisiana tax payers $25,000 to house an inmate for one year. The cost for a client of the specialty courts is $5,000.00. All programs are post adjudication and a referral must be made by the Judge at sentencing.  The programs are voluntary on the part of the offender.  In order to graduate, candidates must meet the requirements of the program.  If a requirement is not complied with, sanctions are applied, on a graduated basis, and in addition all treatment resources are exhausted before a candidate is dismissed from the programs.


Shannon Hattier Specialty Court Coordinator – (985) 809-0547 ext. 100
Felix Indest Re-Entry Court Project Director – (985) 809-0547 ext. 106
Angela Wood Behavioral Health Court Project Director – (985) 809-5358