Never give up!  No matter how hopeless life may feel at times, there is always hope, and you are never alone.  You never know what tomorrow holds or what you are capable of achieving.

One of District Attorney Warren Montgomery’s driving forces is a hunger for justice, tempered by mercy.  The District Attorney has discretion on how a case should be handled after an arrest has been made.  Violent criminals should be off of the streets.  Other defendants are candidates for Specialty Courts.  For others, Diversion is the answer.

Diversion offers consequences for an alleged action.  It also provides accountability, education, and an opportunity to serve in order to avoid a conviction.  Ultimately, Diversion should provide the opportunity for individuals to better themselves, discover their full potential, and learn how to avoid the behaviors that landed them in the legal system.

This link (Diversion Letter) brings you to one of the many letters that we have received over the last 5 ½ years.  We hope it serves as an inspiration to anyone who is going through a difficult time.  The author has been inspirational to us and is a reminder of why a District Attorney with good discretion and an Administration that feels called to serve, matters to our community.