The Office of the District Attorney prosecutes violations of state traffic laws occurring within Washington and St. Tammany Parishes. If your ticket was issued by a police officer under the state traffic laws and within the jurisdiction of St. Tammany and/or Washington Parishes, then your ticket will be prosecuted in District Court by the Office of the District Attorney. If you have received a ticket and you wish to pay by mail before it has formally been charged by our office, please refer to the bottom of your ticket. On the bottom of your ticket will be the number to the Sheriff’s Office. Please contact the Sheriff’s Office in order to find out the amount of your fine as well as how to proceed with paying your ticket by mail. You may also contact the Sheriff’s Office for any inquiry relating to how to pay your ticket online. However, some traffic infractions are “court mandatory” and cannot be paid online. The Sheriff’s Office can advise you as to whether or not your traffic infraction is “court mandatory”. St. Tammany Sheriff’s office: Washington Parish Sheriff’s office: Please note that payment of a ticket constitutes a plea of guilty. Persons have until 3:00pm on the date that appears on the bottom of your ticket (your court date) to pay their fine. Failure to pay will result in suspension of your driver’s license. If you wish to contest your traffic ticket, you must appear in Court on the date that is written on the bottom of your ticket. Please note that that date is your TRIAL date, therefore if you wish to have an attorney represent you in contesting the ticket, you should come to court with your attorney on that date. Please note that requests for continuance of your trial date MUST be done in person and cannot be taken over the phone. If you miss your court date and/or fail to pay your fine by the deadline, you must appear before a Judge of the 22nd Judicial Court  to have your ticket placed back on the traffic docket. Please contact your Clerk of Court for the time and dates of Traffic Court in your Parish. Washington Parish Clerk of Court or St. Tammany Clerk of Court.


Collin Sims, Chief of Criminal


St. Tammany (985) 809-8325
Washington (985) 839-6711