How does our office measure success? 

See below the criteria we use below.


Before District Attorney Warren Montgomery took office in 2015, the previous administration measured success by the number of trials. But pressure to reach an arbitrary number had led to some deceptive practices.

So, Montgomery and his management team determined there were better, more thorough ways to gauge true success. They decided that we would track our success using the following measures:

  • The amount of time from arrest to adjudication
  • Felony arrest to felony conviction rate
  • Average age of case pending trial
  • Prioritization of major criminal cases

The next question was: How do we get there?  The answer was clear.

  • Implement systemic change (Click here to see the major changes made during our administration)
  • Use data as a guide to progress (Click here to see what the numbers say)

Listen to our D.A. as he talks about trial statistics and keeping a legitimate, appropriate and accurate count in order to analyze success.