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D.A. and Parish Government Ask Judge to Rule in Lawsuit

Click on the links below to see the motions for summary judgment, filed by District Attorney Warren Montgomery (the plaintiff) and jointly by St. Tammany Parish President Pat Brister and the Parish Council (the defendants), all asking the presiding judge to rule without a trial in Montgomery’s civil lawsuit against parish government over their legal representation.

Plaintiff’s Motion for Summary Judgment and Plaintiff’s Memorandum In Support of Motion for Summary Judgment

Defendant’s Joint Motion for Summary Judgment and Defendant’s Memorandum In Support of Motion for Summary Judgment


District Attorney’s Office Employees Donate Supplies to Flood Victims

Employees from District Attorney Warren Montgomery’s Office collected and sent cleaning supplies to help families whose homes were severely damaged in the recent floods. The donations were delivered to a donations center operated by the Louisiana District Attorneys Association. In the District Attorney’s Offices alone, 59 families lost virtually everything in the historic flooding. In Denham Springs, more than 90 percent of the homes have been destroyed.


Assistant DA Casey Dieck Volunteers to Collect Donation for Flood Victims

Assistant District Attorney Casey Dieck (far right) spent Friday, volunteering at a storage facility operated by the Louisiana District Attorneys Association to collect donations for families who were devastated by the historic flooding. Ten Louisiana parishes were hit hard, and with the District Attorney’s Offices alone, 59 families lost virtually everything. In Denham Springs, more than 90 percent of the homes have been destroyed.


District Attorney’s Office Sends Crew to Denham Springs

District Attorney Warren Montgomery’s Office sent another crew to Denham Springs Friday to help families whose homes were severely damaged in the recent floods. Ten Louisiana parishes were hit hard by the historic flooding, and within the District Attorney’s Offices alone, 59 families lost virtually everything. In Denham Springs, more than 90 percent of the homes have been destroyed.

Eight D.A.’s Office employees spent the day, helping to gut two homes in Denham Springs. By the day’s end, all were sweaty and dirty but satisfied that they had done something to help. Thanks Tammy Keaton, Tammy Stewart, Shari Trahan, Theresa Cardenas, Tony LeMon, Lisa Murphy, Tamekio Causey, and Lisa Page!

Judge Finds Pearl River Man Guilty of Second-Degree Murder

Rawson Billie Jr.COVINGTON—Billie Rawson, Jr., 42, of Pearl River, was found guilty of second-degree murder Wednesday in the stabbing death of his father nearly three years ago. District Judge William J. Burris announced the verdict after a two-day trial in his courtroom without a jury. Rawson faces mandatory life imprisonment Oct. 31, when he is sentenced by Burris.

Rawson was arrested Oct. 23, 2012, after St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies found his father, Billie G. Rawson, Sr., dead of a stab wound in the Pearl River home the men shared. Family members had directed officers there, after the younger Rawson told a friend and then a family member during telephone conversations that he had killed his father. Family members gave police Rawson Jr.’s whereabouts, and he was tracked down in Mississippi.

Rawson Jr. told authorities multiple versions of what happened the night his father was killed. However, the younger Rawson testified during the trial that he had been abused throughout his childhood and that he killed his father in self-defense. His father was found nude with his head draped by a long brown wig.

Rawson Jr., who had been released from the psychiatric ward of a hospital a week earlier, said that when he returned home that day, his father answered the door and wasn’t wearing any clothes. The younger Rawson had been smoking methamphetamine, and the two engaged in a fight. Rawson Jr. said he hit his father in the head with a flashlight and that his father pulled a knife on him. Rawson Jr. said he was able to take the knife away but that his father sat on the sofa and pulled a second knife from the sofa. Rawson Jr. said he then threw the first knife at his father and that it landed it his upper thigh, where it severed an artery. Rawson Jr. testified that he could not recall whether he later put the wig on his father’s head.

Assistant District Attorneys Elizabeth Kilian and William Macke argued that the coroner’s report about the father’s wound was inconsistent with the son’s version of what happened. Additionally, the younger Rawson had told family members and mental health staff at the hospital that he was going to kill his father.

Judge Burris rejected the younger Rawson’s self-defense claim and the defense attorney’s request for a manslaughter verdict.

Assistant Attorney Jerry Smith and Barbecue Team Provide Food for Flood Victims

Assistant District Attorney Jerry Smith joined other members of his competition barbecue team, “Swineaux,” and cooked food on Monday (Aug. 22) for people affected by the floods in the Baton Rouge / River Parishes area. They set up in the parking lot of the Fellowship Church on Highway 61 in Gonzales. While the group had no affiliation with the church, it was a great location because of the high need and visibility in the area.

The group began cooking at about 8 a.m. and serving around 12:30 p.m. By 4 p.m., about 400 plates of food had been served, including:

• 100 lbs. of smoked chicken
• 250 smoked cheeseburgers
• 20 gallons of gumbo
• 6 gallons of jambalaya
• 4 gallons of our special “Horsey” slaw
• 400 home-made cookies
• 8 sliced watermelons

Many people came and got 10, 20, 30, 50 plates and took them into the neighborhoods, where people were working. Everyone was very appreciative and the team enjoyed helping them out and spreading their chef’s great food. Thanks to D.A. Warren Montgomery for encouraging his employees to help those who helped our area so much in the wake of Hurricane Katrina 10 years ago!

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Longtime DA Employee Gary Magee Presented Pin in Honor of 80th Birthday

District Attorney Warren Montgomery presented longtime employee Gary Magee, who works in our Bogalusa office, a special D.A. pin in recognition of Coach Magee’s 80th birthday. D.A. Montgomery also presented Coach Magee a check for the YMCA of Bogalusa. Coach Magee has worked for the District Attorney’s Office 22 years. He joined the office after retiring from a distinguished career as an educator in Bogalusa City Schools, where he served in many roles, including esteemed Football Coach, Assistant Principal and Principal of Bogalusa High School.14124377_510873985770214_6491310860859057287_o

Volunteers from District Attorney’s Office Dispatched to Clear Flooded Homes

A group of 18 volunteers from District Attorney Warren Montgomery’s Office were divided and dispatched to Baton Rouge and Denham Springs Tuesday to help clear out severely flooded homes. Here’s how they spent their day. Thanks to the Louisiana District Attorneys Association for guiding us to two of the homes. And for your hard work, thanks to the Denham Springs crew (Jessica Brewster, her son Dalton, Shari Trahan, Kim Lapara, Shawn Smith, Martha Elliott , Karista Filopulos, Jerry Reed, and Ysonde Boland) and the Baton Rouge crew (Emily Couvillon, her dad Robert, Jennifer Harris, Bruce Stacklin, Tina Tulino, Judy Kovacevich, Misty Riley, Mary Tate, and Lisa Page)!

District Attorney Warren Montgomery Encourages Employees to Support School System’s Fundraiser

District Attorney Warren Montgomery encouraged all employees with children in St. Tammany Parish schools to support the school system’s fundraiser last Friday. Students at the schools donated new school supplies, cash, and gift cards to help flood victims in St. Tammany. D.A. employees also contributed school supplies and a monetary donation, which were delivered by Public Information Officer Lisa Frazier Page to Superintendent W. L. “Trey” Folse, III.14102245_510031682521111_4787410628516625507_n