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Sex Offender Gets 20 Years in Prison for Twice Failing to Register

Thompson AlvaCOVINGTON—Alva Thompson, 44, of Lacombe, was sentenced Monday (May 23) to 20 years in prison without the benefit of probation, parole, or suspension of sentence after pleading guilty to failure to register as a sex offender for the second time. The sentence also includes other charges related to his attempt to flee from police officers trying to arrest him.

Assistant District Attorney William Macke handled the case before District Judge William J. Burris.

Thompson has seven prior felonies on his record, including aggravated incest. He pleaded guilty to the incest charge in May 2007 and was sentenced to five years in prison. He was required to register as a sex offender upon his release from prison. When he failed to do so, he was charged with failure to register. He pleaded guilty, and in April 2013 was sentenced to two years in prison.

Upon his release from prison, he again failed to register as a sex offender.  In November 2015, officers went to arrest Thompson on several outstanding warrants, but he noticed them following him and fled in his vehicle, weaving recklessly through yards in a residential area. A huge ditch stopped him, but he dashed out of the vehicle and tried to run away. Police caught up to him, but he fought them. He was charged with flight from an officer, resisting an officer, battery of a police officer, and possession of a Schedule IV controlled dangerous substance (clonazapam).

Thompson was scheduled to go to trial this week, but he instead agreed to plead guilty, settling all of the charges.