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Slidell Man Receives Life Sentence for Second Degree Murder

Bobby Isidore
Bobby Isidore

COVINGTON— District Judge Allison Penzato sentenced Bobby Isidore, 21, to life in prison Monday (July 27) for his role in the shooting death of a 22-year-old man nearly two years ago during a purported marijuana sale. Isidore’s conviction of second degree murder on July 9 carried an automatic life sentence.

The victim, Leighton Powe Jr., thought he was meeting a group of men behind a store in Slidell on Sept. 7, 2013, to sell marijuana. Instead, the men, including Isidore and some of his associates—Felix Adams, Jr., then 20; Trenton Johnson, then 19; and KiShion Griffin, then 17—planned to rob Powe.

Soon after Powe climbed into the passenger seat of a truck with the men, Isidore grabbed him from behind, and Adams shot him in the head. The men then drove a few miles and dumped Powe’s body in a ditch just beyond the Slidell city limits. Adams set the truck on fire, and Johnson, the truck’s owner and the driver on the night of the crime, reported it as stolen. But within a week, the Slidell Police Department had arrested all of them.

Johnson pled guilty last December to manslaughter and received a 25-year sentence in exchange for testifying against the others. Adams was sentenced in April to life in prison plus 20 years for his convictions on second degree murder and obstruction of justice. Griffin is scheduled to go to trial in September. A fifth man, Darion Causey, was involved in the cover-up and is also scheduled to go to trial later this year for obstruction of justice.