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St. Tammany Parish – Local Students Win District Attorney’s Leadership Award

Pearl River award

COVINGTON—District Attorney Warren Montgomery and his representatives recently presented his annual Leadership Award to local students at schools throughout St. Tammany Parish.

The students were chosen by their schools for their leadership by example, positive influence on others, and outstanding citizenship. They received a plaque, presented by a representative of the District Attorney’s Office during an awards ceremony at the school.

Montgomery is expanding the Leadership Award Program to all middle, junior, and high schools in St. Tammany and Washington parishes in the 2015-2016 school year. If your middle, junior, or high school is interested in participating for the first time in the upcoming school year, please contact Program Coordinator Gary Magee at 985-732-9594.

The 2014-2015 Leadership Award recipients are:

High School Recipients

  • Bradley Wilhelm Petras             Northshore High
  • Jacob Nielson Conlin                         Covington High
  • Jordan Cutrer                                     Pearl River High
  • Michael David Rockwell             Mandeville High
  • Jacob Paul Frick                         Salmen High
  • Angela Renee Price                         Salmen High
  • Megan Elizabeth Ancelet             Fontainebleau High
  • Hannah Toney                                     Slidell High
  • Colin Rafferty                                     Pope John Paul High
  • Christian Hall Wear                         Northlake Christian
  • William Harris Kenyon             Paul ‘s High
  • Ross Thomas Hightower             Paul’s Junior High
  • Elizabeth Lyn Hummel             Scholastica High

Middle/Junior High School Recipients

  • Avery Mendheim                         Folsom Junior High
  • Amanda Vorhoff                         Madisonville Junior 6-Gr
  • Aubrey Bethay                         Madisonville Junior 7-Gr
  • Heaven Cauble                         Madisonville Junior 8-Gr
  • Cameron Doyle                         Mandeville Junior            7-Gr
  • Andrew Thompson                         Mandeville Junior            8-Gr
  • Nicholas Howell                         Lake Harbor Middle 4-Gr
  • Ty Frazier                                     Lake Harbor Middle 5-Gr
  • Ananya Kaushal                         Lake Harbor Middle 6-Gr
  • Nathan Daniel Abadie             Mandeville Middle 4-Gr
  • Alessandra Matamoros             Mandeville Middle 5-Gr
  • Julia Elizabeth Chapoton             Mandeville Middle 6-G
  • Amelia Barilleaux                         Tchefuncte Middle 4-Gr
  • Sydney Bray                                     Tchefuncte Middle 5-Gr
  • Meghan Drane                                     Tchefuncte Middle 6-Gr

Elementary School Recipients

  • Jake Tirado                                     Lancaster Elementary 4-Gr
  • Jence Simms                                     Lancaster Elementary 4-Gr
  • Ava Thigpen                                     Lancaster Elementary 5-Gr
  • Lydia Glauser                                     Pontchartrain Elementary
  • Joshua Dolese                                     Pontchartrain Elementary