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Pearl River Man who Molested a 5-Year-Od Girl Receives 60-Year Sentence

Darryl Solomon


COVINGTON—-Darryl Solomon, 38, of Pearl River, pled guilty Tuesday (March 17) to sexual battery of a child under 13 and to being a second felony offender. He was immediately sentenced to 60 years in prison without the benefit of probation, parole, or suspension of sentence.

Assistant District Attorneys Joseph Oubre and Jack Hoffstadt handled the case, and Judge A.J. Hand issued the sentence.

Solomon’s crime was discovered on Sept. 9, 2013, when a family friend of the then 5-year-old girl witnessed from a front porch window Solomon removing his hands from the child’s pants. The family friend rescued the child from the situation, forcefully confronted Solomon, and told the girl’s parents.

When the parents questioned the girl, she admitted that Solomon had touched her inappropriately several times. The family contacted the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office.

St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office Detective Carli Ferrell, who was in charge of the investigation, learned that Solomon had fled to Virginia after leaving the scene. Detective Ferrell secured Solomon’s extradition back to St. Tammany Parish. Solomon then confessed his repeated inappropriate acts with the child to Detective Ferrell and Detective Hugh Davis.

When asked why he committed the crime, Solomon responded, “She was just a pretty little girl.”