Frequently Asked Questions

I need information from the Clerk of court.

I need to apply for free legal help.

I need the police.

Can the District Attorney’s Office give me legal advice?

Who can I talk to about custody of a child?

How can I get a restraining order?

Who can tell me my/or someone’s next court date?

How can I reschedule my traffic ticket court date?

How can I talk to the prosecutor about my/my family member’s Felony Charges?

I want to reschedule my court date

I am a Victim and I want to reopen my case

How do I get in touch with the judge?

How can I drop charges?

How can I press charges?

I want the DA’s office to go out and arrest someone.

How do I get my discovery if I am not an attorney’s office?

How do I get my property back now that my case is closed?

Where do I pay my traffic ticket?

How do I get my record expunged?

What is Diversion?

Someone breached a contract, who do I speak to?

How do I get a divorce?

I am a victim, when will the DA’s office contact me about the case?

Can one of your attorneys or the Civil Division handle a private legal matter?