Sex Crimes

shutterstock_250784356For immediate emergency help, call your local Sheriff’s office.

Sex crimes are among the most distressing and damaging of crimes. As a result of their criminal acts, sexual offenders can cause unyielding and severe emotional, physical, and psychological suffering on their victims. The results can be enduring, and the healing process can be a difficult journey.

The 22nd Judicial District District Attorney’s Office recognizes this and actively pursues justice for victims of sexual crimes. Our Office has accomplished, trained attorneys dedicated exclusively to the review of sex crimes cases for adults and juveniles. We handle such cases as: carnal knowledge, felony physical child abuse, child pornography, computer aided solicitation, obscenity and sex offenders who fail to register with local law enforcement authorities.Read More


Collin Sims, Chief of Criminal

Email: attention Sex Crimes

St. Tammany – (985) 809-8383
Washington – (985) 839-6711

The St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s office provides further information on this community notification website. Or contact the awareness program.


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