shutterstock_142894969 The Civil Division is a smaller unit of the District Attorney’s Office that handles civil issues and litigation for Washington and St. Tammany Parishes in claims directly against the District Attorney and his staff and claims and legal issues involving State public offices, agencies, departments, boards and commissions.  Further, the Civil Division supervises the Worthless Checks Division to attempt to amicably resolve bad check claims.  The Civil Division further provides limited legal services and advises the Parish President, the Parish Council and Parish office, agencies, department, boards and commissions in St. Tammany and full legal services and advises in Washington Parish. The Civil Division of the DA’s Office does not handle private civil matters for individuals in our Parishes.  You will need to hire a private attorney. Tony LeMon, Chief of Civil


Email: Attention: Civil Division Or Call:   985-809-8383 The Civil Division also has a role in our Parish Government Legal Department.  For more information, click below. and